Monday, February 20, 2012

SKINS Compression: Built for the Athlete

Technology in sports is becoming a bigger factor in increasing both athletic performance and competitive levels. One of the most underrated aspects of sport technology is with regards to what garment they wear. Garments such as compression wear can help athletes maximize their physical performance while reducing the chances of both fatigue and injuries. One of the best in the compression wear market is SKINS compression. Why are their compression gear considered to be the best out there?

What makes SKINS different from the rest is the amount of time they have actually invested in creating their compression gear. Thousands of hours are spent on the research and development of SKINS compression gear because their earnest aim of helping the athlete achieve his/her absolute best. Utilizing their knowledge of the human body, SKINS create their compression gear to help the person push harder, go faster, and finish stronger.

SKINS compression gear is able to expand the person's performance through scientific means. It's a known fact that proper compression enhances blood flow to the muscles, resulting to increased performance. SKINS take this concept to the next level with the help of various technologies. Athletes are constantly in motion, which is why SKINS tried to study how muscles contract while in motion. It is through these studies that they were able to produce the ideal compression even while the body is moving, a concept they call dynamic gradient compression.

SKINS also invested hours in studying the exact amount of pressure and temperature needed for specific body regions. That said, they have engineered SKINS compression gear to provide the exact level of compression for each part of the body. Doing so creates a world of difference: it optimizes blood flow to specific parts of the body, in effect increasing strength, speed, stamina, and overall energy.

Utilizing data they have obtained from their countless researches, SKINS compression gear features state-of-the-art materials completely different from everyone else's. SKINS fabric is knitted in such a way that compression is kept at a specific level. Also, these materials are knitted in such a way that moisture is properly withdrawn from the body, keeping the athlete comfortable. And temperature is regulated in these compression materials in such a way that it keeps the body at an optimal temperature no matter what the weather conditions are.

Such levels of sophistication have made SKINS compression gear the leaders in compression technology. No wonder why world-class athletes and amateurs alike trust SKINS.

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