Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Don't Forget the Metal Detector

No matter where you are going or what kind of metal detecting you are going to be doing, you should have a check list of what to take along. If you're like me, I invariably get to my spot and I've forgotten something. That's so frustrating. Even if I can continue my hunting without the forgotten item(s), in some cases, I have to turn around and go back home to get whatever it is I forgot because it's something I can not do without - like my metal detector (duh). Don't ask my husband about that story. He loves to tell that one... all the time.

Here is a list I've come up with of things that you should probably have on all your metal detecting hunts. You may or may not think of other things that you personally want to take along, and this list is by no means set in stone, but all in all these things are good to have with you.

Metal Detector- Duh! I say this because sometimes - more often than I'd like to admit, I get so carried away in packing all my stuff that I forget to take the most obvious. Has that ever happened to you? Come on, admit it. Like going to a concert and forgetting the tickets... just saying.

Headphones - If you use headphones, and I think most detectorist's do. Make sure you have them packed. Headphone really help our hear the distinct tones your metal detector makes.

Probe- If you do not have a probe yet, I suggest you invest in a good one. A probe will help to pin point your treasure so you can dig it out without harming it. It's a very good and useful tool to have along.

Digging Tool- Trowel or shovel - Keep your digging tool clean and sharp. There is nothing worse than a dull shovel. Many sites have special digging tools and/or sifters; a great investment, however, a simple garden trowel and shovel does the job also.

Pouch/Bag/baggies - You can't forget to take along something to put your treasures in. I like to take small baggies to keep things separate if I want to. Some sort of collecting bag is essential.

Spare Batteries- Always, always, always have spare batteries with you when you're on your metal detecting excursion. There is nothing more frustrating than having your battery go dead right in the middle of a 'sweet' spot.

Magnifying Glass- I like to take a magnifying glass with me. Sometimes I'll find a relic or coin that I want to investigate closer. With a magnifying glass you can possibly see the date of the coin or item or any small engraving.

Gloves- Gloves save the hands from dirt, cuts, mud, etc. or you can go naked and hope for the best. I like to have gloves. It sucks to ruin a nice manicure.

First Aid Kit- Just in case. Better to take care of a boo-boo right away instead of waiting to get home.

Water/Food- I take a small cooler, and I put in several bottles of drinking water, maybe a soda or other beverage of my choice. I also like to take a gallon jug of water for rinsing, etc. should the need arise. Then I always like to take along snacks. No treasure hunting expedition is complete without snacks... or not. Up to you.

Towels/rags - Always good to have with you. Saves you from wiping the dirt and grime on you pants or jacket sleeves.

There you have it. Just a few items that I think are necessary. Depending on where you're going to be hunting there would be other items needed also.

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